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If you know the mental health indicators of an organization you also know your productivity levels, as there is a clear relationship between the two.

  • 1 in each 5 persons suffers from any psychological disorder at any given year and 1 in each 4 will be affected during his or her lifespan.
  • Mental health has a high impact on productivity:
    • Generally speaking, people who meet criteria for a diagnosis of an anxiety or depressive disorder take 20 more days every year of absence on sick leave than those who do not suffer from any psychopathology
    • The reduced work performance (presenteeism), when mental health is weakened, is estimated to have an impact 7.5 times superior to the impact of work days lost to absenteeism

Snapshot© is a detailed and broad online analysis of the psychological health of your company, on three main areas: level and impact of stress, mental health vulnerability and personal resources.

Snapshot© allows you to have an overview of the mental health of your company’s human resources, compare sub-sets of people within the company and check the trends over time and even the impact of special events or human resources activities.

Both easy to launch and to answer, and deep in its assessment, Snapshot© is a unique solution put together to help organizations in their management decisions and is backed up by the large experience and known quality of Oficina de Psicologia.


  • Allows for an overall assessment of the company’s human resources, as well as of pre-established sub-sets, just by uploading the emails of the employees
  • Sub-sets can be created to make it easy to compare different geographical areas, departments, functional levels or to assess the effect of any organizational initiative involving one or several groups of employees.
  • You can choose a 360º degree assessment, consisting of the three available sections, for a broad and complete analysis of the organization’s mental health, or just one or two sections, depending on your company’s specific needs.
    • Section 1 - Stress: identifies the level (high, moderate or low) of general and occupational stress, the level of its contributing factors and the observable impact on life quality.
    • Section 2 - Vulnerability: checks for the most prevalent psychological disorders and compares the results obtained for your company with the prevalence for the general population, allowing for an analysis on whether your organization is healthier than average or if there are reasons of concern.
    • Section 3 - Resources: assesses several areas of human functioning considered as cornerstones of adaptability and resilience, able to offset to some degree both stress and psychological vulnerabilities.
  • It allows for different assessments over time, showing the changes and trends which becomes particularly important to:
    • Identify changes on well-being and potential productivity levels
    • Objectively evaluate the impact of specific, general or human resources management measures
  • Keeping confidentiality as to individual results and responses, Snapshot© shows you extensive reports on the totality of your human resources as well as of the sub-sets you may have created, for each assessment event.
  • The respondents will have the full version of their own results at no cost (paid in the case of general public)


Your organization will have full access to the results measured, with a significant degree of detail.

You will be able to see the results, as the assessments are being filled in and have a general overview about the mental health in your organization, which will let you answer questions like:

  • What’s the company stress average score and how does it compare to the stress levels of each subgroup? Are your human resources under more personal or organizational stress? And how serious are the stress triggers in your organization?
  • What’s the average impact of stress over the staff well-being and how may it be affecting productivity?
  • How prevalent are psychological disorders in your company and how does this prevalence compare to the one in general population? How serious is the situation, according to the percentage of people who may have more than one disorder?
  • What is the average resources score, reflecting resilience, of the organization and its subgroups and how confident can management be about its human resources’ flexibility and ability to overcome and bounce back during times of stress? Is your staff mainly internally motivated? Are they optimistic and have a positive look towards the future?


We offer several possibilities, so that our investment solutions can remain as flexible as possible to suit your needs. Below you can find the cost per employee you intend to assess according to the time frame you find more adequate for using this tool within your company:

  1 month 6 months 1 year
Stress 0.9€ 1.5€ 5.5€
Vulnerabilities 2€ 3.5€ 6€
Resources 1.5€ 2.5€ 4.5€
360º (3 sections) 4€ 7€ 9.75€

Note: we advise you against having more than one assessment over 4 months for the same set of persons.

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