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The self-assessment you are about to complete has three sections:

Section 1: Stress – assesses the stress level you have been subject to and its impact on your general health.

Section 2: Vulnerability – assesses the likelihood of suffering from one or more of the 14 most frequent psychological disorders

Section 3: Resources – assesses your reaction and recovery potential, when subject to stress or psychological vulnerability, as well as your general well-being and life satisfaction.

You can choose to complete the 3 sections or just one or two. You can also choose whichever sequence you wish or answer the questions at different moments. In any case, we recommend you complete the 3 sections so that you get a complete and broad overview on both your strengths and the areas you could benefit from working at.

Very important note: The human being is complex and surprising in many ways, so any assessment should be considered only as a starting point for a reflection about present and future life strategies. Most particularly, section 2, which evaluates your potential psychological vulnerabilities, should not be taken as a diagnosis of any kind. Any health diagnosis should be conducted by a health professional during an interview where the several relevant issues may be detailed and questioned. If your results suggest one or more psychological disorders, please just assume that it is just a probability that should be validated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Likewise, if your results are clear of any disorder it doesn’t mean that you do not suffer from any situation leading to emotional suffering that should be attended to; this assessment only probes for 14 disorders and although we have considered the most prevalent ones they are not the only ones possible. Besides there are several life crisis which do not represent any disorder but lead to suffering and emotional disturbance and so could benefit from psychotherapy.

In any situation where you may be feeling emotionally disturbed, do not hesitate to ask for help – nowadays there are several well researched, effective and quick ways of providing relief in mental health.

Your answers are absolutely confidential – they are the basis of an analysis as to your own psychological inner workings. If you are fulfilling this assessment as part of an organizational global assessment you can rest assured that your answers will only be calculated by Oficina de Psicologia, a large mental health clinic, and we abide by the most strict confidentiality rules, according to the ethical and deontological principles that guide the practice of Psychology worldwide. What we share with your organization is just a statistical analysis of the totality of its human resources results such as: average resource score of the total number of workers, their average level of stress or the percentage of psychopathology present.

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You also accept that Oficina de Psicologia may use your quantitative results (never your individual or personal data) to use in future studies on mental health.

Whenever you answer a question, choose the option that best reflects your behaviour, thoughts, convictions or feelings. Answer genuinely and to the best of your self-knowledge so that you have results that mirror accurately your internal setting.